Hello, my name is Pollo.  Silly name but I'm actually a handsome 1-2 year old, 50 lb Terrier/American Pit Bull mix.  I was roaming the streets all alone at night in January.  Fortunately, I found a foster family that is taking great care of me.  I've learned commands like: sit, stay, laydown, and kennel and I'm fully house trained.  I love to cuddle, but I'm also full of energy and athletic.  I will be entering a 30 day full immersion train and board program with Matt Bryant at The Texas Dogfather!!  I've heard he is really good at helping dogs learn confidence and proper socialization with the "pack."  I can't wait to see what all I'll learn and I'm hoping that I can find someone who will help guide me through the training-- Matt says this is a great opportunity for a forever home to build the foundation of a great relationship! 

I'm looking for a family that will help me grow-up to my potential and love me very much!