Update: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Otis had some intestinal blockage.  We got him to the Emergency vet to do Xrays and perform surgery to try to save him, but the Dr's were going to have to remove too much of his intestine that we made the sad decision to let Otis go.  We are so incredibly thankful for his loving foster family who let Otis know what true love and care was!  

Otis was found along the side of a road in Crosby, Texas... dragging his back legs behind him, very emaciated, and just worn out.  A kind lady picked him up and took him to the vet, knowing that something was seriously wrong.  X-rays revealed what appeared to be some kind of fragments in his spine and a fractured pelvis and leg.  He was swimming in fleas and needed help!!  We got Otis into our veterinary specialists who immediately referred us to a neurologist since he had no sensation or movement in his back half.  What we learned next shocked us all...

The fragments in his back were metal.  Otis had been shot which severed his spine.  The wound wasn't new as there was no bullet hole, so he had been like this for a while.  Hence, the raw to the bone back feet.  The specialist did some testing to see if there was any way to fix or reverse the damage that had been done, AJL was ready to do whatever it took.  Unfortunately, with spinal damage, you have a very short window (24-48 hrs) to operate before the damage is irreversible.  Because it had been so long for Otis, there was nothing more we could do to fix him.  The only silver lining in this, was that he is no longer in pain. 

But his spirits were high and he was proving to us that he was ready to fight.  A committed foster stepped up.  We knew this would mean a long road ahead of us...  Otis can't walk.  He can't feel his back legs.  He can't go control his bowels.  But he can feel love, and care, and what it means to be a dog.  The foster learned how to help him express his bowels, an awesome person donated a wheelchair, and we got tons of donations of supplies to make Otis comfortable and give him a quality life. 

UPDATE: Otis is gaining weight, rolling in the grass, playing with his foster siblings, and zooming around on his new wheels.  And get this...HE IS STARTING TO STAND AND TAKE A FEW STEPS!!  He is defying the odds and proving us all wrong!!  He will soon be starting water therapy in a pool to help build some muscle in his hind legs.  Otis is special but we feel he is every bit worth it!!  If you or anyone you know is interested in helping Otis by giving him a supportive, comfortable life, please let us know!!