Mikey is a stunning shepherd-mix puppy born in early June 2017. He was transferred to Houston from a shelter in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The vets determined he was struck by a car shortly before he was found, as he had multiple leg fractures. Animal Justice League knew Mikey would make a great pet for someone, so we rescued him and arranged for his leg surgery.

About the shepherd-mix: We can’t know for certain what breed Mikey is. However, all the vets agree he probably has some German shepherd in him and maybe some Blue Heeler or Husky. We don’t care: These are all great breeds, and he is one sweet, handsome puppy!

This little pup is playful, affectionate and intelligent. He is crate trained and working on housebreaking. Mikey is surprisingly calm for a puppy. He does well around people and other dogs and seems to adjust quickly to any new situation. A bonus: His fur is soft like a bunny’s.

Mikey won’t be available for adoption for a few more weeks while he continues to recover. The doctor says he will probably have a limp, but he already is getting around just fine and is using the leg that was operated on. This little boy is a trooper!