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Hi, my name is Brownie!

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Date of Birth 2019-04-01
Gender Male
Breed Mix American Pit Bull Terrier
Weight 40
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $205+tax

Brownie is no more than a year old. He’s a brindle pit mix and weighs about 40 pounds. I have no idea where he came from but he was sleeping on the side of my house for about 3 days until I was finally able to lure him with treats into the gated area. He was super shy and leery of me, but he gradually followed me into my backyard and I gave him food and water and an old blanket and he spent the night on my back porch. He didn’t look real skinny, he wasn’t beat up in any way, and didn’t have any fleas or ticks. At some point he may have been someone’s pet, but I can’t be sure because everything he’s introduced to at my house seems totally new to him. Maybe he was an outside dog, but he’s been sleeping in my kitchen and hasn’t had an accident. He doesn’t seem much like a street dog because he’s incredibly sweet and loves to be hugged and petted. But, no one has called from the “found” posters I put up around the neighborhood. He wasn’t microchipped but now he is. He wasn’t neutered and he does have heartworms, but he’s about to go through both procedures. Poor lost fellow. He’s safe now and he’s happy.