Rosie is a 9 week old, domestic short haired calico.  She is small but mighty!  She was found with her 4 other siblings... They didn't have the best start to life and came into AJL's care at about 5 weeks old.  They were sick and tiny and Rosie weighed in at only 1.3lbs!  Rosie looks a lot like her sister Josie, so how can you tell them apart aside from their size? Josie has a black patch on her right eye and Rosie has a black spot on her nose and a black patch on her left eye.  Rosie is tiny and feisty!  She is a little more inquisitive than her sister while Josie is a little more cautious.  They are still learning to trust humans but love to play with each other's tails.  They are recovering nicely and gaining weight.