All in need of fosters

Note: If you want to foster an animal listed below but have not yet applied to be a foster for our organization, you must do so here before you can foster.

Ralphie! (Dog)

Ralphie! (Dog) Ralphie is a smart cuddly “doofus” that loves people and loves to give kisses. Here’s what else he wants you to know... He likes: Being where you are *all* the time. Sleeping! He’s a CHAMPION sleeper and has never met a blanket he doesn’t love to get cozy on or under. Talking - he makes lots of woos and whines, and has a lot to say. Being outdoors - he loves to chill outside and go for walks. Training - he’s food motivated, smart, and loves learning. He is working on: Leash manners. His short list of dislikes: Cats! He chases them. Car rides to the vet. 😬 Being crated—he has anxiety. With people: . With Animals: . Good with: . Potty/Litterbox Trained:

Mojo (Dog) Large (>50 lbs)

Mojo (Dog) Large (>50 lbs) Mojo is very people friendly and loves to receive attention/affection. He meets new people with enthusiasm and curiosity. He’s dog-friendly and enjoys playing, although he can use a bit of guidance/practice in meeting new dogs on leash. Mojo loves structure! He likes to know what to expect and what comes next. Mojo likes to play fetch and learn new commands. He’s house and kennel trained, neutered and up to date on all vaccines. Not recommended for cats or young/rambunctious kiddos. With people: Friendly, greets willingly, can be handled. With Animals: Friendly, greets willingly, open to play. Good with: Adults, Adolescents (9+), Dogs. Potty/Litterbox Trained: Yes

Coco (Dog) Medium (25-50 lbs)

Coco (Dog) Medium (25-50 lbs) Coco is a sweet girl who has had puppies recently (they are weaned). She is learning leash manners, and has not shown aggression toward other dogs, but has shown chasing interest in the finder's ducks, so probably would not be a good fit in home with birds or other prey-type small animals! Her pup that was found with her already has a foster placement, let's find this lady a spot, too! #NoMomsLeftBehind With people: Shy, but allows people to pet/greet/handle. With Animals: Friendly, greets willingly, open to play. Good with: Adults. Potty/Litterbox Trained: Mostly