All in need of fosters

Note: If you want to foster an animal listed below but have not yet applied to be a foster for our organization, you must do so here before you can foster.

Ralphie! (Dog)

Ralphie! (Dog) Ralphie is a smart cuddly “doofus” that loves people and loves to give kisses. Here’s what else he wants you to know... He likes: Being where you are *all* the time. Sleeping! He’s a CHAMPION sleeper and has never met a blanket he doesn’t love to get cozy on or under. Talking - he makes lots of woos and whines, and has a lot to say. Being outdoors - he loves to chill outside and go for walks. Training - he’s food motivated, smart, and loves learning. He is working on: Leash manners. His short list of dislikes: Cats! He chases them. Car rides to the vet. 😬 Being crated—he has anxiety. With people: . With Animals: . Good with: . Potty/Litterbox Trained:

Bren (Dog) Large (>50 lbs)

Bren (Dog) Large (>50 lbs) Bren is a sweet dog that was found dumped at a park. She loves to play and learn new tricks. She is friendly with other dogs and is looking for a new family to enjoy the holidays while she waits for her forever home! With people: Friendly, greets willingly, can be handled. With Animals: Friendly, greets willingly, open to play. Good with: Adults, Dogs. Potty/Litterbox Trained: Yes