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Need help with a stray dog or cat you found?

The first step is to make sure the animal is truly homeless and not just lost.

  1. Go to a local pet store (PetSmart or Petco) or vet to have them scan for a microchip.
  2. Post on social media such as Facebook and Nextdoor
  3. Hang fliers in the area the animal was found (yes, this may seem old school, but it works!!)
  4. Please give it some time to help reunite pets with their rightful owners.

Once you have determined the animal does not belong to someone or they don't want their pet, then we can discuss how we can assist. If you want Animal Justice League to intake the animal, please include the following details:

  • Breed/age/sex of the animal
  • Any known medical or behavioral issues
  • Pictures!
  • Where the animal was found and where you are located
  • Let us know if you are able to foster the animal

You are required to submit an intake request for us to consider the animal.

Do you have a pet you are looking to surrender to a rescue?

Please know that Houston is overwhelmed with homeless pets so we always encourage you to exhaust all options before deciding to relinquish your pet.

  • If it is a behavioral issue, we have several trainers we can recommend to work with you depending on the specific need. Please email us and will can help point you in the right direction.
  • If your dog has too much energy and you work during the day, please consider looking into a doggy daycare or hiring a pet walker to come mid-day. We have several reputable resources we can refer you to in the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the adoption fee and what's included?

Animal Justice League's adoption fees — unless otherwise noted on an individual pet profile — are as follows:

  • Kittens/cats: $95
  • Puppies (12 months and younger): $275
  • Adult dogs (older than 12 months): $220

For more information on what's included, see our adoption information.

Where do my donations go?

You can see more details on our donation page.

How do I meet a pet I'm interested in adopting?

You can fill out an adoption application for the cat or dog at the bottom of their details page, and we will contact you about setting up a meet-and-greet!
If all goes well, we will move forward with a 'sleepover'. You can also check out our events page for potential adoption events.

Can I bring my current pets to meet a pet I'm considering adopting?

We require all current pets in your home to have proper introductions with the new dog or cat before moving forward with the adoption. The first step is to find a cat or dog. Then, fill out an adoption application at the bottom of the animal's page, and someone will contact you about setting up a meet-and-greet and potentially a 'sleepover' to ensure it is the right fit.

What if my new pet doesn't work out?

Animal Justice League will provide a lot of follow-up with adoptions. If you’re having health, behavior or adjustment problems with your new pet, please contact us and we can help. If the adoption just absolutely can't work out, we require all animals be returned back please do not give away or return to a shelter.

What is the difference between a shelter and a rescue group?

The biggest difference is that most shelters keep their available pets in a single facility, while rescue groups, like Animal Justice League, keep theirs in the homes of volunteers.

Also, shelters usually have some paid staff as well as volunteers, while rescue groups are almost always all-volunteer efforts. AJL does not have any paid volunteers or staff.

What are the pros and the cons of adopting from a rescue group?

Animal Justice League, like other rescue groups have a much more personalized adoption process. Our foster families know the pets very well – they should, since they live with them! – and so they can give you a lot more information about how the pet fits into a family or home than shelters usually can.

This personalization can make our adoption process a little more rigorous. The process usually involves a home visit before finalizing the adoption.

What are heartworms and how does AJL treat them?

Heartworms are contracted through mosquitos—they bite a dog that is infected with heartworms and transfer the microfilaria to another dog. This is why all dogs, especially those in warm Houston climates where mosquitos are prevalent, MUST be on a strict schedule for a monthly heartworm preventative. Heartworms are NOT contagious between dogs that are on a preventative.

Please do not let a heartworm positive status deter you from adopting a dog! They are all so deserving! AJL will cover all expenses relating to heartworm treatment, even after a dog is adopted, until the dog tests negative. Please note, the adopter will be responsible for monthly heartworm/flea preventatives and any other vet expenses unrelated to heartworm treatment post-adoption.

What is AJL's stance on cat declawing?

AJL is against declawing and it is prohibited by our policies and contract. We cannot approve an adoption if the adopter intends to declaw the cat. When someone prefers a cat to be declawed, we always suggest they adopt a previously declawed cat from a rescue or shelter, and if AJL has one at the time, we are happy to move forward with that adoption. There can be physical or behavioral complications for even a previously declawed cat and ask that the adopter commit to working through any issues such as scratching, should they arise.

Find out more about declawing and why we are against it

What is AJL's stance on cropping ears and docking tails?

AJL believes this is an unnecessary and cruel procedure and does not advocate or allow cropping or docking. Our policy and adoption contract prohibit either of these procedures to any animals in our care or that we have adopted out, unless medically necessary as recommended by a licensed veterinarian.

Can I adopt a cat or dog from AJL if I am younger than 21?

All adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

Can I volunteer with AJL if I am younger than 21?

Yes. If under 18 years of age, parental consent is required. All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application and sign an indemnity waiver.

If I am interested in fostering or adopting, do my resident pets need to be fixed and current on vaccinations?

Yes, all pets in the home should be up to date on vaccinations, kept on a monthly flea/heartworm preventative and should be spayed/neutered. If there is a medical reason why your pet is not vaccinated or has not been fixed, please include that information in your application and we can work through that. AJL checks vet references on all applications.

Can't see an answer to your question here? Contact us and we will be happy to help!