This cute little kitty right here is a living miracle.  On Friday, August 25th, he was hit by a car and left in the street to suffer.  Luckily, a witness to the accident was able to scoop him up moments after the incident and take him to the nearest vet clinic.  Initially, his survival was very unpredictable.  However, as time progress he started to show immense improvement with the exception of his front left leg, he has made a full recovery!  He will need to have his front leg amputated one he gains a little more weight and becomes a little stronger.  AJL will cover all expenses related to this.  

He's a true sweetheart and a ball of energy.  He loves getting lots of attention whether its while playing, cuddling, or just taking naps together.  He is the perfect company and will be a true blessing to whoever take him in!