B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o!

Bingo is a male terrier mix just a little over a year old, around 30 lbs.  He was found sleeping in someone's backyard near Hobby Airport.  Bingo is a happy-go-lucky playful pup.  He loves taking naps throughout his foster's house, waking them up in the morning with kisses, and loves his belly rubs.  As a young dog, he likes to chew on bones and run around the backyard.  Bingo gets along great with other dogs and loves meeting new dogs.  He would do best in a home with children 10+ as he tends to get excited and knock the little ones down.  He is potty trained and very well behaved!


Peppy is just as his name describes! He's a 13 week old peppy little boy who might be small in size, but is big in personality! He's has the most adorable little overbite you've ever seen, and puppy breath that will make you melt. He has had his first round of vaccines, his neuter & microchip is pending, but otherwise he's a healthy growing boy.

From his current foster: Peppy is the funny one...also the loudest when being ignored. He likes a lot of love and even though he's the smallest, he can hold his own. He is very playful and can be a baby at times...But we just love our Peppy.😊 He is also being potty trained.


Biggie (or Brookie as her foster calls her) is living up to her name! She's got a fat little belly that you can't stop kissing. :) She's is learning quickly how to use her potty pads, eat dry food, and become independent!

This is a message from her current foster: She is more timid but has her moments when she let's the other puppies know she's had enough. She's very playful, likes to be loved on, and is more the lazy one. When she plays she hops around like a jack rabbit. She also gets along good with the other puppies, and adult dogs in the house, and is getting potty trained. She's also the first one asleep at bedtime.


Hello, my name is Pollo.  Silly name but I'm actually a handsome 1-2 year old, 50 lb Terrier/American Pit Bull mix.  I was roaming the streets all alone at night in January.  Fortunately, I found a foster family that is taking great care of me.  In the few short weeks I've been with my foster family, I've learned commands like: sit, stay, laydown, and kennel and I'm fully house trained.  I love to cuddle, but I'm also full of energy and athletic.  I get nervous on introductions because they are kinda new to me but I warm up after "breaking the ice".  

I'm up to date on vaccinations and will be getting neutered soon, whatever that means....  

I'm looking for a family that will help me grow-up to my potential and love me very much!

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Ladies & Gents, welcome Johnny Cash to the crew!  He's a handsome shepherd/lab mix who was dumped at our local vet office.  Johnny was left with his sister, June Carter and they were both battling parvo. 

The vet staff took special care of Johnny & June and helped them overcome the nasty parvo virus!    Johnny is a playful pup and would love to have his very own family.  He is estimated to be 1 year and 8 months old, he is up to date on all vetting and is neutered.  Johnny would make a great jogging, frisbee, dog park, or dog bar buddy!  Johnny and June can be adopted together or go to individual homes, the choice is yours!

June Carter

June Carter

Howdy!  My name is June Carter and I'm ready to meet you and be best friends forever!I am a shepherd mix, about 1 year and 8 months old, up to date on all my vetting, and spayed.  My brother Johnny and I were left at our local vet clinic doorsteps.  We were very sick with parvo.  The vet staff took great care of us and helped us survive and thrive! 

While I would love to find a home with my brother, we can be split up too-- whatever will get us into our very own homes!  I also love other dogs, so how about we set up a doggy play date?!


Sierra is the sweetest and most lovable dog you could ever meet. She is a healthy 11 lb yorkie/terrier mix, approx 2 years of age. She gets along great with her foster sister and other dogs. She loves to meet new people and she does not mind kids at all. She has made great progress on how to be a normal dog after being a mom and she is eager to learn from other dogs from the condition she was rescued. She enjoys walks around the neighborhood and chewing on bones. Her favorite pass time is hanging out next to a human while she gets unlimited belly rubs. When looking at Sierra deep into her light brown eyes, you just see happiness all around and how thankful she is to be rescued. She has a pretty relaxed temperament for her young age, as she likes to lounge a lot throughout the day.  

Sierra was rescued with her 2 female puppies that were only 6 days old at that time. The puppies are currently 8 weeks old and weigh around 4 lbs. -- See Sophie & Zara! It took an army of dedicated rescuers, 2 days and 8+ hours of digging and crawling under a conex container that was parked over muddy dirt from Houston rains in a construction site where Sierra gave birth to her puppies and was hiding them. Sierra and her babies are ready for adoption, we are accepting adoption applications!


Meet Lady and her 5 children: Biggie, Poppy (adopted), Bridget, Branch, and Peppy.  Lady had an owner but was not providing her the care she needed while she nursed her 5 hungry babies.  As a result, she became very malnourished.  Eventually, the owner agreed to surrender her and her pups to us.  They have been together, but are now in individual foster homes.  Lady has received some initial vetting where we found out she is sadly HW+.  Please don't let this deter you from adopting her though-- AJL will cover all care and expenses until Lady tests HW-!  Her 5 pups have started their vaccinations, spay and neuters are pending until they're older, and are now available for adoption!  Lady will not be having any more children of her own either.  Lady was such a good momma that she deserves a home of her own now too!  She's doing well with other dogs, house trained, and learning her "lady-like" manners!  Please consider this good nurturing girl a home!  

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

GGrace is a just a baby!  She's approx. 3 months old, black lab mix.  Animal Justice League was helping with Big Fix Houston (a sponsored free spay and neuter event) when a family approached with Grace.  We noticed the kids being rough with her, she seemed very weary and afraid.  Turns out, the family didn't want her and was happy to surrender her to us.  Grace is now with an awesome foster who will show her true love and affection while allowing her to enjoy her time as a puppy.  Grace has received her first round of vaccinations, and will be spayed soon.  We are taking applications on this beautiful girl! 



Update:  Callie successfully completed (with flying colors!) a full immersion training program with the Texas Dogfather.  Callie needed to learn some basic 'pack manners'.  She has progressed so well that Callie now attends the dog parks regularly with her foster dad (with supervision, of course)!  Callie is now in a foster home looking for her forever family who can continue to give her guidance and structure! 

Callie is a very happy & healthy 1.5 year old, 45 pound, terrier mix.  She is a little shy at first, but warms up very quickly becoming your loyal companion and shadow.  She gets along well with other dogs that are her size and loves to play (no small dogs, please!).  Her favorite thing to do is to run around the backyard-- she would do great with an active owner!  Callie loves her squeaky toys and can entertain herself easily, but she'd really love to entertain you!  


Stella was found bloody and immobile on the side of the road, she was another victim of being hit by a car.  Two of our volunteers came to her rescue and rushed her to our vet for examination.  Xrays revealed she had a nasty break in her leg and needed to see an ER vet to ensure no additional internal trauma.  She went to VERGI for further care and then was instructed to have immediate surgery on her leg which would require a specialist (specialist = expensive!).  But, we got her to a specialist to perform the surgery to repair her leg before amputation was required.  Stella is doing well post-surgery, but still isn't putting much weight on her front leg and the doctors say that she maybe never will.  She's still a little wobbly on her feet and restricted to crate rest for a while until she makes a full recovery.  Stella is a sweet sweet girl and is very appreciative to be in a caring fostering home and not suffering on the streets any longer. 


Meet Clark W. Griswold…better known just as, Clark! He was found wandering the streets of Independence Heights in Houston around Christmas time.  If he was meeting you in person right now, he would give you a big, doggy hug!  

Clark is a 53-pound bundle of snuggles who loves to play with toys.  The vets think he is a one-and-a-half year-old Shar Pei-Pit Bull mix…Shar Pei because of his giant, wrinkly head.   

Clark has a calm demeanor and does well with dogs of both larger and smaller sizes, but unknown of cats right now, as he hasn’t been exposed.  He knows general commands, is crate trained, housebroken, good with kids, and heartworm negative.  He has some battle scars from his life on the streets, but that hasn’t taken away from his sweet nature or willingness to trust. 

 Clark enjoys long walks, sunbathing in the backyard, watching his foster mom cook in the kitchen, going for car rides, taking naps, and chewing on bones from the feed store. His dislikes are being in a crate (even though he is trained), sharing food, and green beans.

Who is ready to welcome this handsome man into their family?


Loretta (previously known as LD = Lost Dog) was found as a stray wandering around.  We believe she is a Cattle dog/ Jack Russel Terrier mix.  She is around 2 to 2 1/2 years old, weighs 35 lbs, has been spayed, and is current on vaccinations.  She is pretty shy and quiet and a bit submissive.  Loretta is super sweet but hasn't been socialized much with other dogs.  She has not been cat or kid tested yet.   Loretta is heartworm positive and is being treated for this but don't let that deter you from adopting this sweet girl-- Animal Justice League will continue to pay for all treatments!  We believe she'll do okay around other low-energy dogs or great as an only dog in the home!


Indie is a border collie/chow mix, approx. 3 years old, who was found wandering the streets with her litter of puppies.  She wasn't immediately rescued because we couldn't find all of the puppies and didn't want to leave them stranded, but once we knew they were safe, we went for it.  She was one of the most scared dogs we've ever rescued from the streets.  We aren't sure how long she was alone, but long enough to become distrustful of humans.  Thankfully she still trusted her other 4 legged friends who helped us rescue her and have been her support system in her foster home.  Since June, she's come such a long way... she still has a way to go to completely trust, but as our trainer said "she wants so badly to be a part of a family."  She is one of the sweetest dog we've ever met, she loves being around other dogs and people she trusts, and we've yet to hear her bark.  There's been no reason to crate her as she was house/potty trained from day 1 (which is quite amazing given her circumstances), and has never chewed on or destroyed anything.  She's not sure yet how to play with toys or other dogs as she never had these luxuries before.  But she loves to run with her foster siblings in the backyard and watch and observe their play.  Based on the progress she's made in such a short amount of time, with someone who has kindness, patience, and a big heart, we can only imagine how amazing she will be!  She is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and heart worm positive.  As always, AJL will continue to pay for her heart worm treatment after adoption, until the vet gives us a negative!

Indie will do best in a home with other dogs, as they have proven to be her safety factor for gaining trust and just overall comfort. She has not been tested with cats since the current foster home does not have any.