Chase - TRANSPORTED 10/20!!

Hi! I'm Chase!  No one really knows what breed I am for sure, but they just keep saying how cute I am!  

Chase is approx 5 months old and maybe a heeler/pointer/boxer mix.  He weighs 28 lbs and is neutered and healthy as can be.  He is a typical puppy, fully of energy and just wants to play all day.  He's mostly potty trained and knows to play with his toys-- allll of them!  He loves to be outside and play with other dogs in the home.  He does well in a crate during the day and sleeps in his bed at night.  

Chase was turned into Harris Co animal shelter after Hurricane Harvey and quickly his time ran out as the shelters are just too full.  A foster sprung him from the shelter but couldn't keep him long.  So, he is now in AJL and enjoying life!!