Stella was found bloody and immobile on the side of the road, she was another victim of being hit by a car.  Two of our volunteers came to her rescue and rushed her to our vet for examination.  Xrays revealed she had a nasty break in her leg and needed to see an ER vet to ensure no additional internal trauma.  She went to VERGI for further care and then was instructed to have immediate surgery on her leg which would require a specialist (specialist = expensive!).  But, we got her to a specialist to perform the surgery to repair her leg before amputation was required.  Stella was doing well post-surgery, but still wasn't putting much weight on her front leg so she had to undergo ANOTHER surgery, but is recovering and doing great now!  Stella is a sweet sweet girl and is very appreciative to be in a caring fostering home and not suffering on the streets any longer, but she would really love a home of her own!