Peppy - ADOPTED!!

Peppy is the most awesome pup ever.  He weights approx 33 lbs and is so much fun to be around.  If he had to have a person or comic name it would be Dennis the Menace.  He plays well with his foster siblings, and does well with the cat.  He loves to lay next to you or on you when you are in the chair, couch or bed.  Peppy can be a bit noisy when playing but its all in fun, he's just a vocal little guy!  Peppy knows how to sit, lay, shake, and speak!  He does well on a leash and knows "come" (for the most part).  He's up to date on vaccinations and will be neutered soon.  Peppy just has this personality that you just can't help but LOVE.  A little goofy but smart as a whip...little loud but loves to snuggle.  Oh, and he has this overbite that makes him perfectly who he is!  He's looking for his forever home and he deserves it!