Miss Freya Froglegs (she gets the name because of how she lays like a frog!) is looking to be the only pet in a home (but not an apartment) with room to run and a human to cuddle and be active with in a lifestyle that involves training and consistency.  Freya has two great loves: snuggling with a person she trusts and using her energy to run/play/figure things out.

She was abandoned in a public park while suffering from a nasty infection by some not-so-nice people that appear to have been using her to breed.  Though we have seen her immediately connect with many people in the time that she has been with her current family, some new people give her pause or take some time for her to relax around.  (Though she does seem to have a soft spot for guys with beards).  Freya has worked extensively with the Texas Dogfather to help her and show her what a safe and stable and loving home can be.  She is now ready and available for adoption!

She's a smart girl who learns quickly, but gets excited and distracted.  This means that she definitely knows commands like "sit", but she thinks she can outsmart you by squatting partway while she gets ready for the word "go" like she's at the races!  Someone with previous dog training experience could certainly help her with this!  Though she does well with some dogs, she is assertive in her desire to lead and has clashed with other assertive dogs in the past, so we recommend a single-pet home.  Her ideal situation would be with one or more adults in a home with a fenced yard in a moderately quiet neighborhood.

She is crate and house trained and current on all vaccinations, spayed, and chipped.  Meet & Greets will be conducted at the Texas Dogfather ranch in Katy, TX.