Princesses story:  An older lady got Princess when she was a puppy about 8 years ago.  She has always been an outside dog and has never seen a vet.  In 2010, the woman had a stroke and there have been a string of caretakers staying at the house.  They fed and watered Princess and that was about it. The would had to go into the hospital and the current caregivers moved out with no notice to the woman's daughter. Long story short, Princess was low priority on the list of things the family is dealing with.  

Luckily, we have wonderful volunteers who are going over to the house to feed and check up on Princess, but we would love for her to find her own home to live out her days in.  Her health is slowly getting better-- poor girl had a bone (from something she chewed on) lodged in the roof of her mouth that had been there for who knows how long that we had surgically removed, her fur coat is looking better and better, and she generally seems happier to know that people care about her (you can see from her pictures just how far she's come!) 

Because Princess never received much socialization, we are looking for a special home with no other pets.  She's very laid back and easy going.  Please consider giving this girl a chance.