Hello new friends,  my name is Luna and let me tell you a little bit about myself...
I found myself turned into the city pound by my owners who called me Momma Dog. I was Momma Dog because I had many, many litters for them and that's all they knew me as. My teets were still heavy from the last litter. I sat at the shelter and wondered how I landed there while my babies were probably being sold for cash.

The shelter staff was nice and would give me treats and tell me I was sweet. Every day I wondered when I'd get out and go back home. Surely my owners would come back, right?
One day I noticed my kennel card was folded and that meant the dogs would go to the back and never come back out. My time was up come morning time.

The next morning a nice lady came to see me and she said "You're safe with me." I followed her and she saved my life.  My foster family took me to the vet where they found out I have failing kidney levels, heavy heart worm positive, incredibly malnourished, and I even had bb pellets in my lower back. I thought my old family loved me but I was wrong... how could they let this happen to me?

I've been with my foster family now for 4 months and I am doing much better but still struggling. The vets think I am a hospice dog because of how sick I am. I hope they find a treatment to make me better... I like being treated with love. I like to be treated as part of the family. They kiss me, and hug me, and feed me healthy meals.

Today my new vet took some more blood to run tests. We will know in a few days what it all means.

June 9, 2017:  "Luna update!  It's about time we finally got some good news!

In February, Luna's blood work showed that she was in Stage 4 kidney failure.  Once damage is done to the kidneys, it can't be reversed, only managed.  This was a huge challenge in Luna's treatment and it meant that we had to do everything very slowly to make sure we weren't further damaging her kidneys.
We had levels retested a few months ago and there was a slight improvement, which we attributed to the change in diet and supplements.  When she started having episodes of bloody diarrhea and would not eat in the past week, I thought that this was the end... she must be in full blown kidney failure.  Despite the severity of her condition, Animal Justice League stepped up for Luna.  We got an appointment with their vet on Wednesday. After reviewing her medical history, everyone at the clinic anticipated that she would be a hospice foster.  It was a really sad day, and I was expecting the worst today.

Instead, I received AMAZING news with Luna's blood work results!  After 5 months switching Luna to a low protein diet and supplementing CBD oil weekly, her kidney function is now NORMAL.  Yes... NORMAL!  The vet said that she could not explain medically how this happened without the use of fluid therapy, and that her kidneys should have been damaged by now.  We all cried happy tears after hearing the incredible news!!  After such an emotional roller coaster of a journey, Luna will be able to have heart worm treatment and actually have a solid chance of finding a Forever Home!

Thank you for all of the love and support for this little underdog and everyone who has helped her along the way. Of course we celebrated with a puppy latte! #happytails #AdoptLuna #CBD