Community Outreach

Part of Animal Justice League's mission involves education and outreach. In Houston, we find that several pet owners truly love their pets, but don't have the financial means or resources to properly care for their dog or cat. This is where AJL can help! We have built relationships with neighboring areas that are less fortunate and see how we can help them-- whether it is providing food/shelter/supplies, transportation to a vet or free spay and neuter service, providing preventative meds, or covering an entire vet bill, we do what we can to make sure they can keep their pets happy and healthy!

We were asked to help neuter Diego. He was owned by a man who loved him dearly but didn't have the financial means to get him neutered. Unfortunately, because Diego was returned to his outdoor conditions upon his return from surgery, his incision area became infected. AJL covered surgery to go in and thoroughly clean out the area, and placed him a wonderful foster him until he fully healed and recovered before returning to his owner.