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Hi, my name is Skittles!

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Date of Birth 2016-03-07
Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Gray Tabby White
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $95

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Looking for a cuddly and approachable cat that will love you back? Skittles is the kitty for you. This sweet boy will come to you as soon as you start calling him. He will gently head butt you to show you appreciation and will want to receive lots of head pets and ear scratches. Skittles is a very friendly cat and will not hesitate to come close to you. Skittles’ favorite thing to do is cuddle. After you get home from work, school or running errands, he will greet you at the door and follow you around the house. Once you’re ready to turn in for the night, just call him over and he will be in your lap or right next to you just wanting to take a cat nap. He’s a very sociable cat and loves to meet new people! Don’t let Skittles’ age fool you … He loves to play. His favorite toy is a string toy. He’s thoroughly entertained playing with it and it’s a good way to bond with him. He will also appreciate his own cat tower and scratching posts. When you’re not home, he lays down in the couch or his little bed. Skittles is good with cats with slow introductions but he would much rather be the only cat in the home to receive all the love and attention he can. If you work from home, even better! But he knows to give you space when you need it. And, of course, Skittles is litter box trained. Can Skittles be your cuddle buddy? 💕

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