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Hi, my name is Sweetiepie!

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Date of Birth 2018-05-26
Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Tortie
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $95 (tax incl.)

I often find myself calling my foster cat Sweetie Pie so that's what I'll call her. Sweetie Pie has a sweet, gentle nature. She's affectionate and loves to be kissed, hugged, and petted, especially being scratched under her chin or at the base of her tail. In the middle of the night she has gotten on my bed and curled up on my shoulder against my face, purring. Occasionally she will give me "love bites," gently holding a finger or part of my hand in her mouth, but she has NEVER bitten or scratched me or any other human while under my care (11+ weeks). She has also let other strange adults and children (age 12 and 14) pet her without incident. Sweetie Pie likes to scratch on a Turbo Scratcher and play with the track ball around the rim, especially if a person is playing with her. She likes to play with toys that dangle from a string and/or wand and loves to chase a laser dot. And she really LOVES catnip. As to diet, for wet food, Sweetie Pie prefers Sheba, pate-style, Roasted Turkey Entree or Savory Chicken Entree. She also likes Blue Wilderness, chicken, dry food. Products that contain beef, including meat by-products, or any kind of fish should be avoided as they tend to give her diarrhea issues.

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