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Hi, my name is Blizzard!

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Date of Birth 2019-09-21
Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color White
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $80+tax

It can't be a coincidence that both Blizzard and sugar are white - because sugar is sweet and so is "Blizzy" as she is affectionately called by her foster parents. Blizzard came to AJL from some independent rescuers who had given her all the care they possibly could (which was a lot) but needed a rescue for her. When she was found, she had what was believed to be a wound on her neck but what we now believe to be a result of a severe allergy. In her short life, Blizzy has gone through so much to get to where she is today! You can hardly tell anything's wrong except for the few spots on her coat where her fur is still growing back. Because of her condition, Blizzard is on a strict diet which includes Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein (dry) and/or Royal Canin Selected Protein (wet). In addition, we strongly recommend little to no possible "irritants" in the home that could affect her (like wall plug-ins, sprays, etc.). Using unscented litter is also strongly recommended for her. Since she's come into AJL's care, our vet has recommended putting her on a round of Prednisolone, a steroid, which has been helping her (and she takes it like a champ)! Her potential forever family can explore other options for her with their vet or possibly a veterinary dermatologist (yep, those exist!). We know these "details" aren't the fun part but we want Blizzard to have the best possible home and that includes providing a full disclosure of sorts for what her care includes. Now back to some fun facts about Blizzard: She's as sweet as they come. A little purr machine who loves love, pets, and attention. In fact, she loves attention so much, we don't think she'd do well on her own or with someone who's gone for too long at a time (a typical work day is understandable). And if you can't tell, she's white as can be except for a little tan fur on her back feet. Pink starburst toe beans that are just the cutest contrast to her fur. And those amber eyes! Yeah, we think she's pretty special even if she might be a little more "high maintenance" in her care than our other kitties. She's worth it! If you think so too, apply to adopt this adorable girl soon!