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Hi, my name is Boingo!

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Date of Birth 2016-07-14
Gender Male
Breed DSH Manx
Color Tuxedo
FIV/FeLV FIV Positive
Adoption Fee $95 (tax incl.)

I moved into my home in 2015. I immediately noticed there was a small cat colony with one or two very friendly cats. My neighbors at the time, did most of the feeding however, as time went on, the colony grew and I began handling the majority of the feeding.  That is where I met Boingo. He became like a pet. He would come when we called him, he would come running when we parked our cars, he would approach us and ask for pets, and he loved to snuggle with his other cat friends. As time went on, I began to realize how much potential Boingo had to be a genuine pet. I didn't feel he was the kind of cat that needed to live outside and I felt he would acclimate into an indoor life well.  I decided to rescue Boingo and it has been nothing short of heartwarming. He is the SWEETEST boy. He is so kind to my other cats. He will walk up to them and nudges his head into theirs asking for love, he grooms them and he seems to be very happy around them. Therefore, I would recommend Boingo be in a home with another cat. Not only does he love his cat brothers, he also loves humans. He is highly motivated by pets and cuddles. In fact, if Boingo had it his way, he would rather get pets and snuggle with us over eating! He has acclimated so nicely into this new environment and is fully litter box trained. He likes wet food but will eat dry if that's all that's available.  We named him Boingo because he sort of bounces around on his hind legs when he walks. I believe when he was younger he got into an accident that injured his legs and thus his tail which is removed. We love his tail nub and things it gives him all the more personality! He is a wonderful cat!

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