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Hi, my name is Goose!

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Date of Birth 2019-04-01
Gender Male
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 50 lbs
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $275

Well, the time has finally come for Goosie to find his forever family! It’s been a long journey to get here – he started out as part of a cruelty seizure by the Harris Co Cruelty Task Force, having his front leg amputated, ongoing rehabilitation to increase strength, and finding a mobility solution that gives him the ability to go longer distances. Goose will always be a special needs pup, but I’ve taken him as far as I can as a foster and he’s ready to move to the next phase of life! He needs someone who’s willing to provide patience & understanding as he does have trust issues. He will likely need physical therapy throughout his life either at home or with a professional (that could be as simple as swimming in the pool). Having another dog in the home would be preferred because he absolutely LOVES having a playmate, but also because exercise is so important for keeping him at a healthy weight and mobile. The recommendation on the type of dog he would reside with is one who is young, good with rough play, is easy-going and on the medium to large size. An important thing to note is Goose’s trust issues means it takes meeting him several times for him to be good with someone. That means his initial meet & greet will not be a one-time session, it will take several sessions. Once he trusts you though, he will be good with you for life. He would do fine around older kids (teens) who are able to correctly engage, but not really small kids. He is curious about cats but learns quickly to leave them alone, is house trained, sleeps great in his kennel, knows what ‘Night-Night’ means, and will do well in his kennel if you need to leave the home. Goose is not kenneled today when leaving the house. He’s also a great snuggler so sometimes he gets to sleep in the bed. :) Goose does understand different commands (No, Sit, Stay, Night-Night, Go Potty). I know this sounds like a lot, but he’s so worth it and he’s worked so hard to get where he is today. He has come such a LONG way, and really deserves someone who wants to show him what the good life is, and what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. Plus, he’s got the most beautiful eyes and that bottom lip of his will get you every time. (New family will receive his front wheel cart & the jogger) To check out more pictures and videos of Goose, please check his FB and IG pages. • Goose’s FB page: @GoosieGoosieGoose • Goose’s IG page: Goosie_GoosieGoose

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