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Hi, my name is Taz!

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Date of Birth 2020-01-18
Gender Male
Breed Boxer Bull Terrier Mix
Weight 35 lb
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $255+tax

Hey there, I'm Taz! My foster dad says I am THE perfect dog and always so happy! I'm little now, but someday I'll be big so I'm already working hard on my manners. I'm 95% of the way to fully potty trained and will have that mastered in no time at all. Crates don't bother me and I've already shown I can be trusted in one for longer stretches of time with no accidents! Want to know my favorite things? I'm all about play and friends! Fetch is one of my favorites but we've also got this thing called a flirt pole that really keeps me entertained. I've gotten along great with every dog I've met. People keep asking, "Taz, what do you think about cats?" but honestly, I've never even met one! I'd definitely be interested to try! I do know that I love people and can't wait to find the ones I'll call mine!

There is currently an adoption application pending for this pet. You are more than welcome to submit an application in case it falls through, but be aware that there is already someone else ahead of you.