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Hi, my name is Bear!

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Date of Birth 2019-12-01
Gender Male
Breed Maltese Miniature Schnauzer
Weight 14 lbs
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $330

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Meet Bear. He’s so adorable that you probably won’t read the rest of this bio and are already submitting your application. Well you better keep reading because we sure are going to read your app! Now, we could tell you that Bear’s actually a little demon who will pee all over your house and chew holes in all of your socks, but that would be a lie. He is adorably kissy and cuddly with just the perfect amount of little dog sass. And his fur? Good grief, he’s a soft little cloud of a dog, but - THIS IS IMPORTANT - he will require regular brushing and grooming. Don’t feel like an extra bill each month? We've got plenty of other dogs that are low maintenance. A dog like Bear needs an owner who can keep up with his attitude and his style. 😎 Ok so there is one flaw in our little dreamboat, but it’s a work in progress. Bear had a rough past and still has a bit of anxiety when his humans leave. He’s doing better in his crate everyday, but there are still some “tantrums” that happen. If you’ve got neighbors who don’t like hearing a an opera being sung by a dog, Bear isn’t your dude. What really helps is having another pup around (ideally the same-ish size) who can show him how to chillax. If you’re building a small dog army and need a requisite “pretty boy,” Bear might be just the pup for you!

There is currently an adoption application pending for this pet. You are more than welcome to submit an application in case it falls through, but be aware that there is already someone else ahead of you.

If you are interested in meeting this animal, you must apply to adopt below. Once we review the application, one of our foster coordinators will reach out to you.