Dogs in need of fosters

Note: If you want to foster an animal listed below but have not yet applied to be a foster for our organization, you must do so here before you can foster.

Pitunia (Dog) Medium (25-50 lbs)

Pitunia (Dog) Medium (25-50 lbs) Pitunia was found on the side of a highway, standing vigil over a companion dog that had unfortunately already been hit and killed by a car. Her finders took her in, and got her vaccinated and treated for heartworms, and fed back to good health, and now they're looking for a rescue and foster for her (HOA limitations will not allow them to keep her permanently). She is a very sweet, loves to play, and just wants to be part of a family. Finders report that she doesn't handle small yappy in-your-face dogs very well, but she's great with larger dogs and school-age children. Can you give her a place to crash until an adoptive home is found? With people: Friendly, greets willingly, can be handled. With Animals: Shy, but allows itself to be sniffed. Good with: Adults, Adolescents (9+), Dogs. Potty/Litterbox Trained: Yes